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We present a new static analysis to infer necessary field conditions for object-oriented programs. A necessary field condition is a property that should hold on the fields of a given object, for otherwise there exists a calling context leading to a failure due to bad object state. Our analysis also infers the provenance of the necessary condition, so that(More)
We describe our ongoing effort of moving a desktop static analyzer, Clousot, into a cloud-based one, Cloudot. A cloud-based static analyzer runs as a service. Clients issue analysis requests through the local network or over the internet. The analysis takes advantage of the large computation resources offered by the cloud: the underlying infrastructure(More)
Relational numerical abstract domains do not scale up. To ensure a linear cost of abstract domains, abstract interpretation-based tools analyzing large programs generally split the set of variables into independent smaller sets, sometimes sharing some non-relational information. We present a way to gain precision by keeping fully expressive relations(More)
Teleost fish are ectothermic vertebrates. Their metabolism, physiology and behavior rely on the external temperature. This study, on the retina of the sea bass Dicentrarchus labrax, reports on the impact of temperature on the fatty acid composition and mRNA abundance of key enzymes of lipid metabolism: fatty acid desaturase-2 (FADS2), fatty acid elongase-5(More)
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