Mehdi Bigdeli

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Calculating leakage inductances between windings of multi-winding Traction transformers is one of the most important schemes in design procedure. In this paper, analytical and finite element methods (FEM) have been introduced for electromagnetic modeling of traction transformers with four pancake split windings. Using these models, the leakage inductances(More)
Transformers winding axial displacement are considered one of the main causes of their failure. Nowadays, several methods have been developed to detect these faults in transformers. In some of these methods, transformers should be used off-line and another method can be implemented when the transformers are under load. Off-line methods reduce system(More)
To enhance the reliability of grids and also safety of power instruments, it is too important to distinguish their defects before a complete damage. Therefore insulation modeling of these instruments is noticed to recognize their insulation conditions and performance. In this paper, a simple RC model is used to model the power insulating instrument and PDC(More)
In this work, a new model of transformer winding is developed. The components in the model are determined by the geometric and electric data of the winding. Under different degrees of axial displacement and radial deformation in the winding, circuit parameters in the model will be changed and thus the character of the circuit will be influenced. After(More)
It is the purpose of this paper to investigate the design of a stabilizer via sampling the speed and voltage feedback in order to improve the oscillations of generators in Siahbisheh pumped-storage power plant in Iran. An overall PSS is utilized for all of the generators and its output is connected separately to the generators excitation systems. Moreover,(More)
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