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Cloud computing paradigm offers an opportunity to in-house IT departments to establish their services on the cloud with minimum investment, and lower maintenance cost. This opportunity includes database services that allow a massive amount of data to be stored on the cloud. However, outsourcing data to the cloud may expose users' data to the cloud vendor,(More)
A new class of gradient refractive index (GRIN) lens is introduced and analyzed. The interior iso-indicial contours mimic the external shape of the lens, which leads to an invariant geometry of the GRIN structure. The lens model employs a conventional surface representation using a coincoid of revolution with a higher-order aspheric term. This model has a(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to evaluate the seroprevalence of anti-H. pylori and anti-CagA antibodies in healthy children and to investigate those relation with age, sex, ABO blood groups and Rh status. METHODS Serum samples from 386 children (187 males; 199 females), aged 1-15 years were tested for the presence of antibody to H. pylori and its(More)
Today cloud computing has become as a new concept for hosting and delivering different services over the Internet for big data solutions. Cloud computing is attractive to different business owners of both small and enterprise as it eliminates the requirement for users to plan ahead for provisioning, and allows enterprises to start from the small and(More)
In this paper we introduce a new software architecture for Autonomic Grid computing networks by military C4ISR (Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence, Surveillance, & Reconnaissance) architecture. We discuss Self-* property of autonomic grid computing networks in autonomic grid computing networks can lead and manage by C4ISR(More)
Knowledge representation it is an essential section of a Expert Systems, Because in this section we have a framework to establish an expert system then we can modeling and use by this to design an expert system. Many method it is exist for knowledge representation but each method have problems, in this paper we introduce a new method of object oriented by(More)
Cloud computing paradigm provides virtual IT infrastructures with a set of resources that are shared with multi-tenant users. Data Privacy is one of the major challenges when users outsource their data to a cloud computing system. Privacy can be violated by the cloud vendor, vendor's authorized users, other cloud users, unauthorized users, or external(More)
Interface layers between reactive and energetic materials in nanolaminates or nanoenergetic materials are believed to play a crucial role in the properties of nanoenergetic systems. Typically, in the case of Metastable Interstitial Composite nanolaminates, the interface layer between the metal and oxide controls the onset reaction temperature, reaction(More)
Recently, Grid Computing Systems have provided wide integrated use of resources. Grid computing systems provide the ability to share, select and aggregate distributed resources as computers, storage systems or other devices in an integrated way. Grid computing systems have solved many problems in science, engineering and commerce fields. In this paper we(More)
Today by growing network systems, security is a key feature of each network infrastructure. Network Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) provide defense model for all security threats which are harmful to any network. The IDS could detect and block attack-related network traffic. The network control is a complex model. Implementation of an IDS could make delay(More)