Mehdi Azadmehr

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In this paper we present a 2 input analog Current-Starved Pseudo-Floating Gate (CSPFG) inverter with capacitive feedback. The analog CSPFG inverter suppresses low frequencies due to the active, local feedback. This inverter can be used in designing filters where a narrow band pass or reject is the main goal. Typical applications are detection of high(More)
In this paper we propose a simple and compact way to realize a bi-directional interface to drive resonant sensors. The bi-directional interface can be set to both activate the resonating sensor (activation mode) and to read its response (read-out mode). During the normal operation of the system these two modes are activated alternatively, depend on the(More)
In this paper we propose a bidirectional front-end for resonating sensors with bandwidth control used to remove the high order oscillating modes. The electronic interface is based on an inverter working as amplifier biased by a voltage buffer, both realized in CMOS technology. The bandwidth of the amplifier can be tuned by varying a bias voltage which(More)