Mehdi Asghari

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BACKGROUND Patient safety is an essential element in the quality of healthcare, and a clear knowledge of its culture in healthcare organizations will lead to both improved healthcare and patient safety. The aim of this study was to assess the patient safety culture at Islamic Azad University hospitals in Tehran, Iran, in 2013. METHODS This cross-sectional(More)
We have investigated the selective epitaxial growth of GeSi bulk material on silicon-on-insulator substrates by reduced pressure chemical vapor deposition. We employed AFM, SIMS, and Hall measurements, to characterize the GeSi heteroepitaxy quality. Optimal growth conditions have been identified to achieve low defect density, low RMS roughness with high(More)
—The technologies associated with integration and packaging have a significant impact on the overall system. In this paper, we review a silicon photonic " macrochip " system and its associated packaging that will allow dense wavelength-division multiplexed optical links to be intimately integrated and co-manufactured with the switching electronics. For this(More)
BACKGROUND Heat stress as a physical harmful agent can increase the risk of health and safety problems in different workplaces such as mining. Although there are different indices to assess the heat stress imposed on workers, choosing the best index for a specific workplace is so important. Since various criteria affect an index applicability, extracting(More)
BACKGROUND Car accidents are currently a social issue globally because they result in the deaths of many people. The aim of this study was to examine traffic accidents in suburban Tehran and forecast the number of future accidents using a time-series model. METHODS The sample population of this cross-sectional study was all traffic accidents that caused(More)
BACKGROUND Given the hazardous nature of the work in steel factories and that the staff has to deal with hazardous equipment and machines, improper sleep quality and drowsiness among the works tackles performance and boosts rate of job accidents. This study is aimed to survey the quality of sleep and sleepiness status and the pertinent factors among the(More)
BACKGROUND Plating and pickling processes are the most effective ways for increasing the strength of metal structures, and workers in these units are exposed to various contaminants, including acid mists. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of protective masks in decreasing the respiratory symptoms and the aerobic capacity of workers that(More)
BACKGROUND One of the significant dangers that threaten people's lives is the increased risk of accidents. Annually, more than 1.3 million people die around the world as a result of accidents, and it has been estimated that approximately 300 deaths occur daily due to traffic accidents in the world with more than 50% of that number being people who were not(More)
Sleeping is an important physiological process, wielding deep effect on the spiritual and physical health of individuals. The present study has been carried out to investigate workers' sleep quality in GoleGohar Mineral Industries Co., Sirjan, Iran. This cross-sectional and descriptive-analytical study has been carried out in 2012. The statistical society(More)