Mehdi Asghari

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A key device in future high speed short reach interconnect technology will be the optical modulator. These devices, in silicon, have experienced dramatic improvements over the last 6 years and the modulation bandwidth has increased from a few tens of MHz to over 30 GHz. However, the demands of optical interconnects are significant. Here we describe an(More)
—The technologies associated with integration and packaging have a significant impact on the overall system. In this paper, we review a silicon photonic " macrochip " system and its associated packaging that will allow dense wavelength-division multiplexed optical links to be intimately integrated and co-manufactured with the switching electronics. For this(More)
We have investigated the selective epitaxial growth of GeSi bulk material on silicon-on-insulator substrates by reduced pressure chemical vapor deposition. We employed AFM, SIMS, and Hall measurements, to characterize the GeSi heteroepitaxy quality. Optimal growth conditions have been identified to achieve low defect density, low RMS roughness with high(More)
Advanced data centers require high throughput I/O processing for servers and storage devices connectivity. Silicon photonics technology offering low-cost, low-power, and high-performance is a promising solution for interconnection applications. In this talk, we will review the latest progress of the highly integrated Silicon photonics devices for(More)
With increasing use of robots instead of human in industrial, medicine and military applications etc. the importance of research on designing and building of robots is increasing. In this paper various methods of the human hand motion simulation has been investigated and we used one of most common method named Data-gloves which extract data from hand and(More)
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