Mehdi Alemi

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Networks with billions of vertices introduce new challenges to perform graph analysis in a reasonable time. Clustering coefficient is an important analytical measure of networks such as social networks and biological networks. To compute clustering coefficient in big graphs, existing distributed algorithms suffer from low efficiency such that they may fail(More)
Real-time scheduling is one of the most important aspects of a real-time system design. To achieve a real-time system’s requirement, especially to be fast, multiprocessor systems are used. Generally, multiprocessor real-time scheduling algorithms fall into one the two well-known approaches: Partitioning or Global. The partitioning approach has acceptable(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate aerodynamic and laryngeal factors associated with place-dependent voice onset time (VOT) differences. METHODS The speech materials were /p∧, t∧, k∧/, each produced 15 times by 10 adult English speakers in the carrier phrase "say __ again". The sound pressure level was targeted within a ±3 dB range. Intraoral air pressure (Po) was(More)
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