Mehdi Abzari

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In recent years a growing awareness of the importance of entrepreneurial activity for economic development has triggered research on the fundamentals of entrepreneurship. Cross-national differences in levels of entrepreneurial activity may be explained by a wide range of economic, technological, cultural and institutional factors. In particular, differences(More)
New nondestructive technique, namely an inverse technique based on vibration tests, to characterize nonlinear mechanical properties of adhesive layers in sandwich composites is developed. An adhesive layer is described as a viscoelastic isotropic material with storage and loss moduli which are both frequency dependent values in wide frequency range. An(More)
This study examined the relationship between self-esteem, organizational attachment, and perceptions of quality of work life in Jahad-e-Keshavarzi (Agricultural Movement) Organization of Isfahan. Pillars of self-esteem are living purposefully, living consciously, self-acceptance, selfresponsibility, integrity, and self-assertiveness. Dimensions(More)
INTRODUCTION Netiquette is appropriate behavioral etiquette when communicating through computer networks or virtual space. Identification of a dominant organizational culture and its relationship with a network culture offers applied guidelines to top managers of the university to expand communications and develop and learn organization through the use of(More)
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