Mehboob Hoque

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BACKGROUND Complexes of oleic acid (OA) with milk α-lactalbumin, received remarkable attention in view of their selective toxicity towards a spectrum of tumors during the last two decades. OA complexes of some structurally related/unrelated proteins are also tumoricidal. Erythrocytes are among the few differentiated cells that are sensitive and undergo(More)
A chance discovery of the tumoricidal action of a human milk fraction led to the characterization of the active component as oleic acid complex of the α-lactalbumin, which was given the acronym HAMLET. We report in this study that the oleic acid complex of bovine α-lactalbumin (BAMLET) is hemolytic to human erythrocytes as well as to those derived from some(More)
Among the in vitro derived different explants such as cotyledonary leaf, hypocotyl, shoot tip and root of two local varieties, namely Singhnath and Kazla (BARI Begun-4) of eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) cotyledonary leaf was found to be the best for multiple shoot regeneration. High frequency direct organogenesis of shoots was achieved from cotyledonary(More)
Fibrin sealants, that have been employed for over a century by surgeons to stop post surgery bleeding, are finding novel applications in the controlled delivery of antibiotics and several other therapeutics. Fibrinogen can be easily purified from blood plasma and converted by thrombolysis to fibrin that undergoes spontaneous aggregation to form insoluble(More)
Comparative study with fluorescence microscopy revealed that the pollen tubes of the self-pollinated rice variety BR-9 reached the ovary within 75 min after pollination. In P. coarctata it took 150 min. In the cross between P. coarctata and BR-9, pollen tubes reached the ovary in 165 min but seed setting was not observed. In the cross between BR-9 and P.(More)
Bispecific antibodies (BsAbs), with the ability to recognize two different epitopes simultaneously, offer remarkable advantages in bioassays, cancer therapy, biosensors, and enzyme electrodes. Preparation and purification of BsAbs in adequate quantities remains a major hurdle in their use in various applications. Poor yield is also the principal limitation(More)
Oleic acid (OA) complexes of human alpha-lactalbumin (α-LA) and several other proteins are effective in the killing of a variety of tumor cells. While debate on whether the key component of the complexes is the OA or protein continues, studies probing the mechanism of action of the complexes at the tumor cell surface or in the cell interior assume the(More)
An investigation was conducted to evaluate the water quality of some ground for irrigation, drinking and livestock consumption. Fifteen samples were collected from Babugonj upazila of Barisal district in Bangladesh. The chemical constituents of water samples were determined to find out their suitability for irrigation, drinking and Livestock consumption. As(More)
Fibrin-based polymeric systems have now emerged as efficient carriers of drugs, growth factors, genes, and cells. Earlier, we have reported fibrin-based plasma beads (PB), prepared from clotted whole plasma, as an efficient system for the controlled release of entrapped therapeutics. In the present study, we investigate the dual entrapment in erythrocytes(More)