Mehak Batra

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BACKGROUND Salt workers are exposed to the adversities of environmental conditions such as direct sunlight, salt dust and contact with brine, which have an impact on the health of workers. Since oral health is an integral part of the general health, we planned to determine its effect on the oral cavity. OBJECTIVES To assess the oral health status and the(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the caries risk and contribution of diet, bacteria, circumstances and susceptibility sectors among special groups in comparison to the normal group of Udaipur using the Cariogram model. MATERIALS AND METHODS A Cariogram model was used to identify risk factors among 160 subjects (40 mentally challenged, 60 visually impaired and 60(More)
PURPOSE To assess and compare the antimicrobial potential and determine the minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) of Jasminum grandiflorum and Hibiscus rosa-sinensis extracts as potential anti-pathogenic agents in dental caries. MATERIALS AND METHODS Aqueous and ethanol (cold and hot) extracts prepared from leaves of Jasminum grandiflorum and Hibiscus(More)
CONTEXT Periodontal disease is one of the most prevalent dental diseases which affects the adult population of the world, varying only in degree from mild to severe. Its prevalence, which was reported in various studies which were conducted in different parts of the globe, signifies its need for a control. AIMS To assess the periodontal status among the(More)
PURPOSE To examine the effect of chocobar ice cream containing bifidobacteria on salivary mutans streptococci and lactobacilli. MATERIALS AND METHODS A double-blind, randomised controlled trial was conducted with 30 subjects (18 to 22 years of age) divided into 2 groups, test (chocobar ice cream with probiotics) and control (chocobar ice cream without(More)
BACKGROUND Dental diseases negatively influence people's oral health-related quality of life and thus their perceived need for dental care. OBJECTIVES To test the validity and reliability of an Indian version of Oral Impacts on Daily Performance (OIDP) index for college students and to identify age and sex-specific OIDP prevalence estimates. METHODS(More)
AIM To investigate the practice-, patient- and dentist related barriers to the provision of preventive dental care as perceived by dentists of Udaipur city, Rajasthan, India. SETTINGS AND DESIGN - A cross sectional descriptive survey was conducted among 120 dentists of Udaipur city, Rajasthan. MATERIAL AND METHODS Mean Content Validity Ratio (CVR) was(More)
AIM To assess the level and determine the relationship between knowledge, attitudes and practices related to oral health promoting factors among secondary caregivers attending day-care centres. STUDY DESIGN A cross-sectional descriptive survey. METHODS A survey was conducted among 110 caregivers in Udaipur. Data were collected through self-administered(More)
UNLABELLED Active cigarette smoking is the major cause of lung cancer and an important established cause of cardiovascular disease mortality. Risks have been shown to increase with even light or intermittent active smoking. OBJECTIVES To assess the prevalence of smoking, age of initiation and the knowledge and attitude towards smoking among dental college(More)
OBJECTIVES The purpose of the study was to evaluate saliva and tongue coating pH and also to assess the degree of tongue coating in healthy subjects before and after chewing herbal leaves (tulsi, mint, and curry leaf). MATERIALS AND METHODS A double-blind, randomized, concurrent, parallel-group study was conducted among 60 volunteer subjects, who were(More)
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