Megumi Shiokawa

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The S19 ribosomal protein (RP S19) cross-linked homo-dimer attracts monocyte migration by binding to C5a receptor on monocytes (H Nishiura, Y Shibuya, T Yamamoto, Laboratory Investigation, 1998, 78:1615-1623). Using site-directed mutants of recombinant RP S19 and synthetic peptides mimicking RP S19 molecular regions, we currently identified the binding(More)
The cross-linked homodimer of S19 ribosomal protein (RP S19) induces monocyte predominant infiltration due to a dual effect on the C5a receptor in leukocyte chemotaxis, agonistic to monocytes and antagonistic to polymorphonuclear leukocytes (PMN) (H. Nishiura, Y. Shibuya, T. Yamamoto, Lab Invest 1998, 78:1615-1623). The agonistic ligand moiety was recently(More)
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