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Tobacco is a valuable model system for investigating the origin of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) in amphidiploid plants and studying the genetic interaction between mitochondria and chloroplasts in the various functions of the plant cell. As a first step, we have determined the complete mtDNA sequence of Nicotiana tabacum. The mtDNA of N. tabacum can be assumed(More)
The degradation of amino acids in anaerobic digestion was examined in terms of the interactions between amino-acid-degrading bacteria and methanogenic bacteria. Certain amino acids were degraded oxidatively by dehydrogenation, with methanogenic bacteria acting as H(2) acceptors. The inhibition of methanogenesis by chloroform also inhibited the degradation(More)
Biofilm forming cells are distinctive from the well-investigated planktonic cells and exhibit a different type of gene expression. Several new Escherichia coli genes related to biofilm formation have recently been identified through genomic approaches such as DNA microarray analysis. However, many others involved in this process might have escaped detection(More)
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