Megumi Nabetani

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We investigated the correlation between energy metabolism and neural activity during glucose deprivation and during replacement of glucose with lactate and beta-hydroxybutyrate (OHBA) in neural tissue from rats of different ages. Hippocampal slices were prepared from 4-, 7-, 10-, 13- and 16-day-old and adult rats. The population spikes (PS) were recorded in(More)
We investigated the effect of fructose, mannose and lactate on the preservation of synaptic transmission in the granule cell layer of guinea pig hippocampal slices during deprivation of glucose. After replacement of glucose with lactate (5 mM) or fructose (10 mM), population spikes (PS) extinguished transiently and thereafter recovered to 60-70% of the(More)
To investigate the relationship between neural activity and cerebral energy metabolism during anoxia or ischemia in neural tissue of different ages, hippocampal slices were prepared from four-, seven- and 10-day-old and adult rats. For the index of the neural activity, the population spikes were recorded in the pyramidal cell layer of the CA3 area. ATP and(More)
To investigate the correlation between neural activity and intracellular Ca2+ ([Ca2+]i) mobilization in immature and adult brain during ischemia (hypoxia and glucose deprivation) and deprivation of glucose, hippocampal slices were prepared from 7-, 10-day-old and adult rats. Population spikes (PS) and antidromic responses (AR) were recorded in the pyramidal(More)
The protective effects of mild hypothermia (33 and 29 degrees C) on the neuronal activity, intracellular Ca2+ accumulation and ATP levels during deprivation of oxygen and/or glucose were investigated using guinea pig hippocampal slices. During oxygen and glucose deprivation and oxygen deprivation only, mild hypothermia had only minor effects on the(More)
Population spikes (PS) were recorded in the pyramidal cell layer of the CA1 and CA3 areas in hippocampal slices prepared from 4-, 7- and 10-day-old and adult rats of the Sprague-Dawley strain during brief (< 10 min) and prolonged periods (30-60 min) of oxygen deprivation (hypoxia). In mature rats, PS were depressed by hypoxia in 6.8 min in the CA1 area and(More)
The present study investigated the effect of ceiling height on the symbolic distance effect (SDE). We hypothesized that a high/low ceiling height would produce a small/large SDE through divergent/convergent thinking. We prepared three SDE tasks: numerical, spatial, and temporal. Participants conducted these tasks in both high and low ceiling conditions.(More)
We have studied the clinical features and neurological sequelae in 39 cases of cerebral palsy resulting from 30 twin births. Twenty-four births (80%) occurred before 37 weeks of gestation Among 30 twin pairs, co-twin with intrauterine death in 7 pairs, both patients showed neurological sequelae in 9 pairs and one of the twins developed cerebral palsy in 14(More)
We investigated the incidence of cerebral palsy (CP) in Himeji City with a total population of about 470,000. In 1983-87 the total number of CP patients and the incidence of CP per 1,000 live births were 40 and 1.4, respectively. In 1988-92, the figures were 51 and 2.0. Periventricular leukomalacia was indicated in MRI in 11 out of 40 cases (27.5%) in(More)
The volume of the white matter in 5 cases of cerebral palsy (CP) of term delivery without hypoxic episodes with MRI findings of periventricular leukomalacia (PVL), was compared with that of 12 CP cases in preterm delivery manifesting typical MRI findings of PVL. It was significantly decreased in the latter. The volume for the full-term CP cases was the same(More)