Megumi Kochiya

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Lipiodol, an iodine adduct lipid, has been used as a targeting carrier of anticancer drugs in experimental animals and humans. In most studies, the concentrations of the anticancer drugs in tissues and organs have been monitored, but not of the carrier because a simple method for measuring lipiodol in biological organs did not exist. Here we present an(More)
Mouse lymphocyte alloantigens Ly-19 and Ly-32 are controlled by the genes tightly linked to the Lyb-2 locus on chromosome 4. Despite the similarity in mouse strain distribution patterns, Ly-19 and Ly-32 antigens which have been detected on both B- and T-cell lineages are distinct from Lyb-2 antigen whose expression is restricted to the B cells. In this(More)
The monoclonal antibodies detecting the lymphocyte surface alloantigen (Ly-35.1) of wild mouse-derived inbred strains were first reported by Ikegami and colleagues (1988). We now add one more antibody that defines the Mus musculus molossinus-specific lymphocyte alloantigen Ly-36, The monoclonal antibody (IgG2a, K) was secreted from hybridoma clone C12.274,(More)
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