Megumi Fukuzawa

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Six dogs (Canis familiaris) were trained to sit and come reliably in response to tape-recorded commands. The phonemes within these commands were then changed, and the dogs' behavior in response to these modified commands was recorded. Performance markedly declined in all cases, with the type of alteration affecting response to the modified sit command but(More)
We analysed the predictive factors for relatively good prognosis in the patients with total anterior circulation infarction (TACI) defined by the Oxfordshire Community Stroke Project. One hundred patients with first-ever ischemic stroke within 6 hours of onset were enrolled. Outcomes were assessed at 3 months using the modified Rankin Scale (mRS), and rated(More)
We used eye-surface temperature and heart rate as simple, noninvasive physiological indices to evaluate dogs’ responses to an approaching person. Thirteen healthy pet dogs (49.62 ± 31.42 months; 19.28 ± 11.46 kg) were recruited as subjects to investigate physiological responses to approach. We set up two types of approach (smiling and expressionless) by(More)
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