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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The aim of this study was to investigate the frequency, possible predictive factors, and prognosis of deteriorating ischemic stroke in 4 clinical categories according to the classification of the Oxfordshire Community Stroke Project (OCSP). METHODS A total of 350 patients with first-ever ischemic stroke who presented within 24 hours(More)
We analysed the predictive factors for relatively good prognosis in the patients with total anterior circulation infarction (TACI) defined by the Oxfordshire Community Stroke Project. One hundred patients with first-ever ischemic stroke within 6 hours of onset were enrolled. Outcomes were assessed at 3 months using the modified Rankin Scale (mRS), and rated(More)
Kaposi's varicelliform eruption (KVE) is characterized by disseminated vesiculopustules and erosions due to a herpes virus infection superimposed on a preexisting dermatosis such as atopic dermatitis. However, the occurrence of KVE in patients with multiple myeloma seems to be very rare; to our knowledge, only one such case has been reported. This report(More)
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