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The paper focuses on the attitude dynamics and control of satellites orbiting rotating asteroids. The general formulation of the satellite equations of motion in an equatorial eccentric orbit is obtained through Lagrangian method. The linearized system model is derived and the stability analysis is presented. The control laws for three-axis attitude control(More)
We propose a segmentation and anomaly detection method for electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) images. In contrast to conventional methods that require Euler angles to be extracted from diffraction patterns, the proposed method operates on the patterns directly. We use a forward model implemented as a dictionary of diffraction patterns generated by a(More)
We are describing efficient dynamics simulation methods for the characterization of functional motion of biomolecules on the nanometer scale. Multivariate statistical methods are widely used to extract and enhance functional collective motions from molecular dynamics (MD) simulations. A dimension reduction in MD is often realized through a principal(More)
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