Meghedi Babakhanian

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A prototype Low Intensity Focused Ultrasound (LIFU) stimulator system was developed to evaluate non-invasive neuromodulation in a large animal model. We conducted a feasibility study on a Göttingen minipig, demonstrating reversible, targeted transcranial neuromodulation. The hypothalamus of the minipig was repeatedly stimulated with LIFU which evoked(More)
Background/introduction Low Intensity Focused Ultrasound (LIFU) continues to gain traction in the field of non-invasive neuromodulation. Recent in vivo rat studies suggest that LIFU can be used to modulate region-specific brain activity in the motor cortex, leading investigators to conclude that LIFU may be a better alternative to more prominent, and more(More)
There is continuing interest in targeted transcranial stimulation of deep brain structures using techniques such as low intensity focused ultrasound (LIFU). Accurate transcranial targeting and dosage of acoustic energy onto target neural structure requires quantification of the acoustic effect the skull has on the ultrasound wave. The objective of this work(More)
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