Meghan R. Ede

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Seven professional usability labs and one university student team have carried out independent, parallel usability tests of the same state-of-the-art, live, commercial web site. The web site used for the usability tests is, a major provider of free web-based e-mail. The panel will discuss similarities and differences in process, results and(More)
This paper reports on a study assessing the consistency of usability testing across organisations. Nine independent organisations evaluated the usability of the same website, Microsoft Hotmail. The results document a wide difference in selection and application of methodology, resources applied, and problems reported. The organizations reported 310(More)
Imagine being given the chance to fundamentally change a product that hadn't been updated for years. A chance to take an outdated and hard-to-use product and turn it into a customer's delight. And then imagine hitting the "internal inertia" of many companies -- "we don't do things that way", "not enough resources", "my group doesn't work on that". We will(More)
KEYWORDS Task-based design, human computer interaction, walk-through, information system software, user interface ABSTRACT A feature-based approach to designing information systems software produces results which, although technically correct , are likely deficient in their ease of use. Designing from a task-based perspective significantly enhances(More)
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