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This paper reports on a study assessing the consistency of usability testing across organisations. Nine independent organisations evaluated the usability of the same website, Microsoft Hotmail. The results document a wide difference in selection and application of methodology, resources applied, and problems reported. The organizations reported 310(More)
KEYWORDS Task-based design, human computer interaction, walk-through, information system software, user interface ABSTRACT A feature-based approach to designing information systems software produces results which, although technically correct , are likely deficient in their ease of use. Designing from a task-based perspective significantly enhances(More)
Imagine being given the chance to fundamentally change a product that hadn't been updated for years. A chance to take an outdated and hard-to-use product and turn it into a customer's delight. And then imagine hitting the "internal inertia" of many companies -- "we don't do things that way", "not enough resources", "my group doesn't work on that". We will(More)
Seven professional usability labs and one university student team have carried out independent, parallel usability tests of the same state-of-the-art, live, commercial web site. The web site used for the usability tests is www.hotmail.com, a major provider of free web-based e-mail. The panel will discuss similarities and differences in process, results and(More)
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