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This report reviews the infectious diseases (bacterial, protozoal and viral) of cattle which are transmissible by mating or insemination, with reference to pathological consequences, diagnosis and effective prophylactic measures. While brucellosis, campylobacteriosis and trichomoniasis are generally under good control (although sporadic outbreaks may still(More)
Estrus synchronization and related fertility were studied in cattle using subcutaneous implants containing norethandrolone, SC 21009, or fluorogestone acetate. Lengthening the duration of treatment decreases the rate of estrus inhibition. For long-term (16-18 days) treatments, the percentage of cows showing estrus with 4 days from implant removal(More)
a) SEX. It's a three letter word that holds immense meaning. It judges people, it defines people, and it is an activity that is a natural part of human life. Yet, sex and speaking of sex publicly has a taboo stigma attached to it, especially for young adults. And yet, young people and especially college aged students have developed a culture in which sex(More)
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