Meghan N Davignon

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Forensic scientists are faced with the problem of estimating the frequency of cotton fibres recovered in casework, in relation to those in the general population. One way of doing this is to consider the degree of spectral variation that occurs within a "block of colour". When a spectral pattern occurs very frequently, the evidential value of the fibres may(More)
OBJECTIVE Children with autism spectrum disorders (CWASDs) have more difficulty tolerating hospital procedures than many other children. The aim of this study was to identify parent and provider perspectives on barriers and facilitators to procedural care for CWASDs. METHODS Semistructured interviews were conducted with medical staff and parents of(More)
This study examines medical conditions diagnosed prior to the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Using a matched case control design with 3911 ASD cases and 38,609 controls, we found that 38 out of 79 medical conditions were associated with increased ASD risk. Developmental delay, mental health, and neurology conditions had the strongest(More)
This study investigates demographic and clinical factors associated with initiation, continuation, and adherence to behavioral health treatment (BHT) among children with autism spectrum disorder. Among 293 insured children referred for applied behavior analysis (ABA) based BHT, 23% never initiated treatment. Among those initiating treatment, 31%(More)
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