Meghan Laturney

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The processes that underlie mate choice have long fascinated biologists. With the advent of increasingly refined genetic tools, we are now beginning to understand the genetic basis of how males and females discriminate among potential mates. One aspect of mate discrimination of particular interest is that which isolates one species from another. As(More)
Behavioural differences are thought to be the first components to contribute to species isolation, yet the precise genetic basis of behavioural isolation remains poorly understood. Here, we used a combination of behaviour assays and genetic mapping to provide the first refined map locating candidate genes for interspecific female preference isolating(More)
A primary question in biology concerns the genetic basis of the evolution of novel traits, often in response to environmental changes, and how this can subsequently cause species isolation. This topic was the focus of the symposium on the Genetics of Speciation and Evolution at the annual meeting of the Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution, held in(More)
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