Meghan Henty Hoskins

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A method for the computation of low Reynolds number dynamic blood cell systems is presented. The specific system of interest here is interaction between cancer cells and white blood cells in an experimental flow system. Fluid dynamics, structural mechanics, six-degree-of freedom motion control and surface biochemistry analysis components are coupled in the(More)
Experimental models that mimic the flow conditions in microcapillaries have suggested that the local shear stresses and shear rates can mediate tumor cell and leukocyte arrest on the endothelium and subsequent sustained adhesion. However, further investigation has been limited by the lack of experimental models that allow quantitative measurement of the(More)
The primary cause of cancer mortality is not attributed to primary tumor formation, but rather to the growth of metastases at distant organ sites. Tumor cell adhesion to blood vessel endothelium (EC) and subsequent transendothelial migration within the circulation are critical components of the metastasis cascade. Previous studies have shown(More)
It has been determined previously that polymorphonuclear leukocytes, or PMNs, can facilitate melanoma cell extravasation through the endothelium under shear conditions. The interactions between melanoma cells and PMNs are mediated by the beta2-integrins expressed by PMNs and intercellular adhesion molecules (ICAM-1) expressed on melanoma cells. In this(More)
To complete the metastatic journey, cancer cells have to disseminate through the circulation and extravasate to distal organs. However, the extravasation process, by which tumor cells leave a blood vessel and invade the surrounding tissue from the microcirculation, remains poorly understood at the molecular level. In this study, tumor cell adhesion to the(More)
In this paper, we develop a population balance model for cell aggregation and adhesion process in a nonuniform shear flow. Some Monte Carlo simulation results based on the model are presented for the heterotypic cell-cell collision and adhesion to a substrate under dynamic shear forces. In particular, we focus on leukocyte (PMN)-melanoma cell emboli(More)
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