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We propose a multiscale method based on a finite element heterogeneous multiscale method (in space) and the implicit Euler integrator (in time) to solve nonlinear monotone parabolic problems with multiple scales due to spatial heterogeneities varying rapidly at a microscopic scale. The multiscale method approximates the homogenized solution at computational(More)
Breathing-induced bulk motion of the myocardium during data acquisition may cause severe image artifacts in coronary magnetic resonance angiography (MRA). Current motion compensation strategies include breath-holding or free-breathing MR navigator gating and tracking techniques. Navigator-based techniques have been further refined by the applications of(More)
While professional quarterbacks like Peyton Manning make passing a football look effortless, it takes a lifetime of disciplined practice for these elite athletes to reach such a high level of skill. The principal responsibility of the quarterback in American football is to throw a forward pass to his teammate. This skill, however, is not as trivial as it(More)
Many studies using cognitive tasks have found that stereotype threat, or concern about confirming a negative stereotype about one's group, debilitates performance. The few studies that documented similar effects on sensorimotor performance have used only relatively coarse measures to quantify performance. This study tested the effect of stereotype threat on(More)
For the development and evaluation of cardiac magnetic resonance (MR) imaging sequences and methodologies, the availability of a periodically moving phantom to model respiratory and cardiac motion would be of substantial benefit. Given the specific physical boundary conditions in an MR environment, the choice of materials and power source of such phantoms(More)
Feedback about error or reward is regarded essential for aiding learners to acquire a perceptual-motor skill. Yet, when a task has redundancy and the mapping between execution and performance outcome is unknown, simple error feedback does not suffice in guiding the learner toward the optimal solutions. The present study developed and tested a new means of(More)
OBJECTIVE To test the reliability and validity of shoulder joint angle measurements from the Microsoft Kinect™ for virtual rehabilitation. DESIGN Test-retest reliability and concurrent validity, feasibility study. SETTING Motion analysis laboratory. PARTICIPANTS A convenience sample of 10 healthy adults. METHODS Shoulder joint angle was assessed in(More)
It is well documented that variability in motor performance decreases with practice, yet the neural and computational mechanisms that underlie this decline, particularly during long-term practice, are little understood. Decreasing variability is frequently examined in terms of error corrections from one trial to the next. However, the ubiquitous noise from(More)
The majority of research on stereotype threat shows what is expected: threat debilitates performance. However, facilitation is also possible, although seldom reported. This study investigated how stereotype threat influences novice females when performing the sensorimotor task of bouncing a ball to a target. We tested the predictions of two prevailing(More)
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