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Type III secretion systems (TTSSs) are utilized by numerous bacterial pathogens to inject effector proteins directly into host cells. Using a whole-genome microarray, we investigated the conditions and regulatory factors that control the expression of the Pseudomonas aeruginosa TTSS. The transcriptional response of known TTSS genes indicates a hierarchical(More)
This study critiques and extends the DSM-III use of fixed and explicit criteria by applying principles and statistics common within actuarial decision theory (eg, conditional probabilities). The value and limitations of sensitivity and specificity rates are discussed and compared with an interesting but rarely used statistic, positive predictive power. The(More)
The authors compared the reliability of two methods of distinguishing borderline personality disorder--DSM-III and the Diagnostic Interview for Borderline Patients. The reference group, outpatients with other personality disorders and without major axis I pathology, was more difficult to distinguish from the patients with borderline personality disorder(More)
A detailed investigation of rescaled range (R/S) analysis to search for long-time correlations ͑via the Hurst exponent, H) in plasma turbulence is presented. In order to elucidate important issues related to R/S analysis, structure functions ͑SFs͒, one of several techniques available for calculating H, are also applied, and comparisons between the two(More)
The authors compared delusional disorders in men and women and found that women have more frequent erotic and heterosexual delusions, more affective symptoms, and more interpersonal precipitants and that men have more delusions with a homosexual theme. Perhaps because of these differences in delusional content and affective symptoms, delusional women are(More)
Research indicates that patients do not hold delusions with as fixed a certainty as has been believed. Confrontation with reality may have an important role in the evaluation and treatment of delusional patients. The authors suggest four factors that may help predict the value of reality confrontation in a given clinical situation: 1) how understandable the(More)
The effect of amplitude fluctuations on reflectometer measurements of density turbulence has been investigated through comparison of reflectometry and Langmuir probes on the CCT and DIII-D tokamaks. Power spectra, turbulent radial correlation lengths, and root-mean square magnitude variations (at the H-mode transition) of the homodyne reflectometer signal(More)
A new method to measure the internal magnetic field in a plasma, based on cross-correlation of ordinary (O) mode and extraordinary (X) mode reflectometer signals originating from naturally occurring turbulence, is investigated. This method relies on identifying the O-and X-mode frequency pair (f o , f x) where cross-correlation is maximum. Maximum(More)
The term "hospice" refers not only to certain facilities, but also to a philosophy of comprehensive, humanistic treatment for the patient and his family. Because death will always be a part of the general hospital setting, hospice concepts provide a useful method for improved patient care. This paper describes the development of a multidisciplinary team(More)