Meghan Deutscher

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In this paper, we reflect on the design and deployment process of MAGICBoard, a public display deployed in a university setting that solicits the electronic votes and opinions of bystanders on trivial but amusing topics. We focus on the consequences of our design choices with respect to encouraging <i>bystanders</i> to interact with the public display.(More)
nted social tion about ughts and f images, ing to sounds and conversations recorded with the photo at the time of capture. We describe the devices used to capture this information and the user experience of the integrated Memory Collage application. The paper will also discuss the implications found for ambient intelligence within social nts. r methods a(More)
We present a novel way of manipulating a spatial soundscape, one that encourages collaboration and exploration. Through a table-top display surrounded by speakers and lights, participants are invited to engage in peaceful play with Beluga whales shown through a live web camera feed from the Vancouver Aquarium in Canada. Eight softly glowing buttons and a(More)
We report on our experiences with building and deploying a collaborative location-based mobile game. The Fugitive is a multiplayer game that is played using mobile TabletPCs in a natural campus environment. The objective is to track and capture a hidden object called the Fugitive on a digital campus map using annotations for communication among one's(More)
Information capturing devices are used in a social gathering environment to capture images, sound, discernable events, and guest input. We see the need for a system that creates an augmented social environment where devices enable one to capture information about a social gathering (e.g. pictures, audio recordings, written thoughts and expression). This(More)
We are designing communication technologies for the coffee shop environment with the goal of increasing intimacy and community among patrons. This environment is already conducive to intimacy due to the affordances available for personal expression and communication on various levels. We aim to integrate rich information spaces with the natural affordances(More)
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