Meghan Bowser

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The analgesic efficacy of a hydrocodone-acetaminophen combination, a codeine-acetaminophen combination, a codeine-APC (aspirin, phenacetin, and caffeine) combination, and a placebo was evaluated in outpatients who had moderate or severe pain after the surgical removal of impacted third molars. Each of the active medications had a significant effect on(More)
Two-hundred and one outpatients with postoperative pain following oral surgery were randomly assigned, on a double-blind basis, a single oral dose of diflunisal (250, 500, or 1000 mg), aspirin (650 mg), or placebo. Using a self-rating record, the subjects rated their pain and its relief hourly for 12 hours after medication. Measures of peak and total(More)
INTRODUCTION Outpatient stress testing (OST) after evaluation in the emergency department (ED) is an acceptable evaluation method for patients presenting to the ED with low-risk chest pain (CP). However, not all patients return for OST. Barriers to follow-up evaluation exist and are poorly understood. In this study, we examined the influence of demographic(More)
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