Meghan Beatson

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Preliminary observations and computational methods for analysis are presented for observing celestial objects with time-varying intensity, in particular transiting exoplanets. Transits occur when a planet orbiting a star other than the sun (an exoplanet) passes between the Earth and the host star, slightly dimming the apparent intensity of the star. CCD(More)
The Australian lucanid genus Ryssonotus MacLeay, 1819 is redefined and reduced to one species: R. nebulosus (Kirby, 1819). The supposed senior synonym of this species, Lucanus foveolatus Thunberg, 1806 is a junior synonym of the North American species Lucanus capreolus (Linnaeus, 1763) (new synonym). Safrina new genus, is described for the remaining species(More)
A new genus of Bruchinae, Buburra Reid & Beatson, is erected for a single new species, B. jeanae Reid & Beatson. Buburra is endemic to Australia where it is known from a single site at high altitude in Victoria. The hostplant is unknown. Buburra is placed in the tribe Pachymerini. A key is provided for identification of the 12 genera of Bruchinae in(More)
The genus Altica Geoffroy, 1762, is revised for Australia, the west Pacific region and the Indomalayan Archipelago, with 6 valid species: A. aenea (Olivier, 1808); A. birmanensis (Jacoby, 1896); A. caerulea (Olivier, 1791); A. corrusca (Erichson, 1842); A. cyanea Weber, 1801; A. gravida (Blackburn, 1896). The following new synonymy is recognised, in(More)
Three new species of Chrysomelidae with extraordinary extensions of the male mandibles are described: Scaphodius drehu sp. nov. and S. ferox sp. nov. (Cryptocephalinae), from New Caledonia, and Chaloenus gajah sp. nov. (Galerucinae), from Borneo. Designation of the type species of Chaloenus Westwood, 1861, is clarified. Synonymy of Scaphodius Chapuis, 1874,(More)
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