Meghan Armstrong

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1. Inhibition of pyruvate oxidation in suspensions of Aerobacter aerogenes cells and of isolated mitochondria from rat heart and liver by phenylarsenoxide is prevented by an excess of lipoic acid, whereas inhibition due to certain bivalent cations is not. 2. In both systems inhibition persists when the bacteria and mitochondria are recovered and resuspended(More)
The Implicit Prosody Hypothesis assumes that differences in individual languages’ attachment preferences for syntactically ambiguous sentences are due to the languages’ different prosodic systems. For example, when a relative clause modifies a complex noun phrase (NP1 NP2 RC), a prosodic break after NP1 is said to trigger a low attachment interpretation,(More)
Two laboratories tested four different brands of alkaline 2% glutaraldehyde sterilants by the Association of Official Analytical Chemists sporicidal test. Each laboratory found survival of Clostridium sporogenes spores on spore-labeled unglazed porcelain penicylinders (cylinders) to vary from test to test, and survival did not always correlate with(More)
The magnetic printer is designed to operate in conjunction with an electronic data processing system. It operates on the principle of recording a latent magnetic image on a special paper, which is essentially magnetic tape with a white topcoat. The image is in the form of an alphanumeric (or other) character which is subsequently made visible by exposure to(More)
Sentential negation in spoken Brazilian Portuguese (BP) has three possible structures: containing a negative particle only preverbally (NEG1), pre and post verbally (NEG2) or only post-verbally (NEG3). The choice of structure depends on sociolinguistic and pragmatic factors. This study investigates whether these structures also differ in prosodic patterns.(More)
A phased approach has been adopted for upgrading the Luggage Point WWTP for nitrogen removal. Luggage Point WWTP (900,000 EP) is the largest plant operated by Brisbane Water. Management actions recommended by the South East Queensland Wastewater Management Strategy require the effluent total nitrogen levels to be reduced to less than 5 mg/L (50th(More)
On September 23, 1993, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) published the final monograph and rule for topical antifungal drug products. This monograph specifies the ingredients, concentration, and labeling under which over-the-counter (OTC) topical antifungal drug products may be marketed without further FDA approval. Currently, the nine products tested(More)
The Association of Official Analytical Chemists (AOAC) test for sporicidal activity of disinfectants (966.04) is used in the United States as the legal criteria for classifying a liquid as a chemical sterilant and also as the indicator of the highest level of disinfectant. This qualitative test contains procedures that may cause inaccurate results. A(More)