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Conductivity detection in CE has recently become available in a commercial CE instrument. The new conductivity cell is based on an end-capillary concept. The conductivity sensor and the detection end of the fused-silica capillary are permanently encapsulated in two individually modified coupling connectors (ConTip, ConCap [both from Orion Research, Boston,(More)
We study the polymer adsorption characteristics, pair-interaction potentials, and phase and percolation behavior in nanoparticle-polymer mixtures. We propose a "saturable" adsorption model to capture the effect of the finite surface saturation capacity for adsorption, and use polymer self-consistent field theory in combination with a McMillan-Mayer(More)
We use a combination of polymer mean field theory and Monte Carlo simulations to study the polymer-bridged gelation, clustering behavior, and elastic moduli of polymer-nanoparticle mixtures. Polymer self-consistent field theory is first numerically implemented to quantify both the polymer induced interparticle interaction potentials and the conformational(More)
We study the depletion, pair interaction, and phase behavioral characteristics of proteins in polymer solutions. We use a McMillan-Mayer-like approach [W. G. McMillan, Jr. and J. E. Mayer, J. Chem. Phys. 13, 276 (1945)] to suggest that the depletion characteristics should be studied at an effective polymer concentration which is a function of both the(More)
We propose a continuum model for the dynamics of particles in polymer matrices which encompasses arbitrary size ratios of the polymer and particle. We present analytical and computer simulation results for the mobility of the particles and the viscosity of the suspension for the case of unentangled polymer melts. Our results indicate strong dependencies of(More)
We propose a combination of polymer field theory and off-lattice computer simulations to study polymer-bridged gelation in polymer-nanoparticle mixtures. We use this method to study the structure of gels formed in attractive polymer-colloid systems. Our results indicate that such gels exhibit a universal structure with a fractal dimension d(f) approximately(More)
During the dissolution of solid surfactants in water, various types of nonequilibrium microstructures have been observed. The most important one is the myelin growth which can be observed when some poorly water soluble surfactants such as phosphatidylcholine (PC), Aerosol-OT (AOT), etc. are contacted with water. In this study initial myelin growth for a(More)
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