Megha Murali

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Signaling via estrogen receptor (ER) occurs by interacting with many proteins. Nuclear interactome analysis of ERα in an embryo implantation model revealed the association of chicken tumor virus no. 10 regulator of kinase like (CrkL) with ERα, which was further validated by mammalian two-hybrid assay as well as coimmunoprecipitation and colocalization.(More)
In this randomized clinical trial, we compared the vertical strip (VS) and the concentric circle (CC) patterns of breast palpation in order to determine which pattern provided the most thorough self-examination and the best lump detection in breast models. The sample consisted of 34 adult women from a Veterans Outpatient Clinic in the Northwest who were(More)
Embryo implantation is effected by a myriad of signaling cascades acting on the embryo-endometrium axis. Here we show, by using MALDI TOF analysis, far-western analysis and colocalization and co-transfection studies, that STAT3 and MCL-1 are interacting partners during embryo implantation. We show in vitro that the interaction between the two endogenous(More)
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