Megha Mohabey

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Business processes and application functionality are becoming available as internal web services inside enterprise boundaries as well as becoming available as commercial web services from enterprise solution vendors and web services marketplaces. Typically there are multiple web service providers offering services capable of fulfilling a particular(More)
Web page prefetching techniques are used to address the access latency problem of the Internet. To perform successful prefetching, we must be able to predict the next set of pages that will be accessed by users. The PageRank algorithm used by Google is able to compute the popularity of a set of Web pages based on their link structure. In this paper, a novel(More)
Mechanism Design is concerned with how to implement system wide solutions to problems that involve multiple self-interested agents, each with private information about their preferences. Mechanism Design Optimization Problem is a mechanism design problem where the output specification is given by a positive real valued objective function and a set of(More)
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