Megha Goel

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Design considerations of a generic wideband communication system differ significantly from its narrowband counterpart. In a wideband system, intermodulation distortion increases significantly, as the signal propagates through various active stages of RF/analog signal processing blocks. Thus, in contrary to the narrowband approach, it requires careful(More)
The Short Messaging Service(SMS) which has become very popular in cellular networks is very highly priced. We show in this paper how self-organizing ad-hoc networks can be used to provide the short messaging service, at a much lower price. We propose a routing protocol for wireless messaging networks, which explores the characteristics of ad-hoc network(More)
This paper proposes a novel approach for transmitting secret data securely by integrating steganographic method & visual cryptography. Steganography is the art & science of hiding data in the images. In the older age, our ancestors had also used the steganography. For eg., they use invisible ink, tattooing etc. for hiding secret information. In the digital(More)
A new technique of image filtering, for the images corrupted by high density salt & pepper noise, is presented in this paper. Proposed algorithm makes a decision about the noisy or noise free pixel for its further processing. Then it selects a window and chooses the noise free neighbors from this window for median calculation. And if sufficient numbers of(More)
VoIP stands for Voice over IP (Internet Protocol), a variety of methods are there for establishing two-way multi-media communications over the Internet or other IP-based packet switched networks. VoIP has two goals: The first is reduction in telephone charges by sending the call as packets over the data lines or internet. The second goal is to provide(More)
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