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STUDY DESIGN Cost-effectiveness model from a Quebec societal perspective using meta-analyses of clinical trials. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the cost-effectiveness of duloxetine in chronic low back pain (CLBP) compared with other post-first-line oral medications. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA Duloxetine has recently received a CLBP indication in Canada. The(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the cost-effectiveness of duloxetine in the treatment of chronic low back pain (CLBP) from a US private payer perspective. METHODS A cost-utility analysis was undertaken for duloxetine and seven oral post-first-line comparators, including nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), weak and strong opioids, and an anticonvulsant. We(More)
Fluid resuscitation with colloids is an established second line therapy for septic patients. Evidence of relative efficacy outcomes is tempered by considerations of the relative costs of the individual fluids. An assessment of recent large clinical trials was performed, resulting in a ranking in the efficacy of these therapies. Probabilities for mortality(More)
The large amount of information on web is stored in backend databases which are not indexed by traditional search engines. Such databases are referred to as Hidden web databases and extraction of this hidden web content is a potential research area as the pages are dynamically created through search query interfaces. However, direct query through this(More)
Web information access today primarily relies on search engines. Current search engines cannot make index to the pages which are generated automatically by the back – end databases called invisible web or deep web. The information is hidden behind HTML forms and is only available in response to user’s request. In this paper a system based on domain and(More)
The major part of fluoride ingested in areas endemic to fluorosis is water, although some food materials contribute considerable amount to total intake. Plants take up fluoride from irrigating waters and this uptake is influenced by some inorganic constituents in water and soil. The present study was carried out to assess accumulation of fluoride in(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the cost effectiveness of duloxetine compared to other oral postacetaminophen treatments for osteoarthritis (OA) from a Quebec societal perspective. METHODS A cost-utility analysis was performed enhancing the Markov model from the 2008 OA guidelines of the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE). The NICE model was(More)
Replication and caching strategies are increasingly being used to improve performance and reduce delays in distributed environments. The benefits of using caches for reducing traffic in backbone trunk links and for improving web access times are well-known. A query can be answered more quickly by accessing a cached copy than making a database round trip.(More)
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