Megha Agarwal

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The emergence of computational Grids [7] and the potential for seamless aggregation, integration and interactions has made it possible to conceive a new generation of realistic, scientific and engineering simulations of complex physical phenomena. These applications will symbiotically and opportunistically combine computations, experiments, observations,(More)
Recently, a data-driven model-free control design method has been proposed in (7; 6) for linear systems. It is based on the minimization of a control criterion with respect to the controller parameters using an iterative gradient technique. In this paper, we extend this method to the case where both the plant and the controller can be nonlinear. It is shown(More)
This paper first introduces á trous wavelet correlogram feature descriptor for image representation. By further extension in this descriptor, á trous gradient structure descriptor (AGSD) is proposed for content-based image retrieval. AGSD facilitates the feature calculation with the help of á trous wavelet’s orientation information in local manner. The(More)
Crowdsourcing marketplaces provide opportunities for autonomous and collaborative professional work as well as social engagement. However, in these marketplaces, workers feel disrespected due to unreasonable rejections and low payments, whereas requesters do not trust the results they receive. The lack of trust and uneven distribution of power among workers(More)
In this paper a new visual feature, binary wavelet transform based histogram (BWTH) is proposed for content based image retrieval. BWTH is facilitated with the color as well as texture properties. BWTH exhibits the advantages of binary wavelet transform and histogram. The performance of CBIR system with proposed feature is observed on Corel 1000 (DB1) and(More)
Cascaded directional binary pattern (CDBP) using directional extrema pattern is proposed for content based image retrieval in this paper. It avoids the problems associated with standard local binary pattern as well as its many variants. The directional information (0°, 45°, 90° and 135°) along with color information is(More)
With the headway of the advanced image handling software and altering tools, a computerized picture can be effectively controlled. The identification of image manipulation is vital in light of the fact that an image can be utilized as legitimate confirmation, in crime scene investigation, and in numerous different fields. The image forgery detection(More)
First there was input of information or commands through keyboard, and then touch input was introduced. Now the big question is, What Next? The answer is Gesture Recognition. The best method for gesture recognition is through image processing techniques. In this paper a simple yet effective approach has been used to detect the number of fingers raised. The(More)