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This paper first introduces á trous wavelet correlogram feature descriptor for image representation. By further extension in this descriptor, á trous gradient structure descriptor (AGSD) is proposed for content-based image retrieval. AGSD facilitates the feature calculation with the help of á trous wavelet’s orientation information in local manner. The(More)
Recently, a data-driven model-free control design method has been proposed in (7; 6) for linear systems. It is based on the minimization of a control criterion with respect to the controller parameters using an iterative gradient technique. In this paper, we extend this method to the case where both the plant and the controller can be nonlinear. It is shown(More)
Crowdsourcing marketplaces provide opportunities for autonomous and collaborative professional work as well as social engagement. However, in these marketplaces, workers feel disrespected due to unreasonable rejections and low payments, whereas requesters do not trust the results they receive. The lack of trust and uneven distribution of power among workers(More)
This literature review attempts to provide a brief overview of some of the most common image segmentation techniques. It discusses Edge detection technique, Thresholding technique, Region growing based technique, Watershed technique, Compression based method, Histogram based segmentation and Graph partitioning method. With the growing research on image(More)
Smart grid is the next-generation electrical power system for providing reliable, efficient, secure, and cost-effective energy generation, distribution, and consumption. For a smart grid network, communications infrastructure/protocols and wireless networking will play an important role in achieving these objectives. The communication network designing will(More)
—With the headway of the advanced image handling software and altering tools, a computerized picture can be effectively controlled. The identification of image manipulation is vital in light of the fact that an image can be utilized as legitimate confirmation, in crime scene investigation, and in numerous different fields. The image forgery detection(More)
—Copy-move forgery is one of the simple and effective operations to create forged images. Recently, techniques based on singular value decomposition (SVD) are widely used to detect copy-move forgery (CMF). Some approaches based on SVD are most acceptable to detect copy-move forgery but some copy-move forgery detection approaches can not produce satisfactory(More)