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Wireless Mesh Network (WMN) has been a field of active research in the recent years. Lot of research has focused various routing mechanism but very little effort has been made towards attack detection or intrusion detection. In this paper, we propose an attack detection approach for wireless mesh network using Honeypot technique. A Honeypot is a security(More)
Crowdsourcing marketplaces provide opportunities for autonomous and collaborative professional work as well as social engagement. However, in these marketplaces, workers feel disrespected due to unreasonable rejections and low payments, whereas requesters do not trust the results they receive. The lack of trust and uneven distribution of power among workers(More)
This paper first introduces á trous wavelet correlogram feature descriptor for image representation. By further extension in this descriptor, á trous gradient structure descriptor (AGSD) is proposed for content-based image retrieval. AGSD facilitates the feature calculation with the help of á trous wavelet’s orientation information in local manner. The(More)
This literature review attempts to provide a brief overview of some of the most common image segmentation techniques. It discusses Edge detection technique, Thresholding technique, Region growing based technique, Watershed technique, Compression based method, Histogram based segmentation and Graph partitioning method. With the growing research on image(More)
variant of this disease with features of both LP and transepidermal elimination in histopathology. A very few cases of perforating LP have been reported till date in the literature. A 14-year-old Indian boy presented with gradually progressive pruritic lesions over both lower legs for 6 months. On examination, we found multiple, hyperpigmented, keratotic(More)
BACKGROUND "Holi" is a spring festival celebrated primarily in the Indian subcontinent and also abroad by expatriate Indians. It is a festival of colors, traditionally celebrated by mutual application of colors in different forms on a particular day of the year. These colors frequently comprise a range of synthetic dyes which have harmful effects on the(More)
A 7-year-old, Indian boy, born out of consanguineous parentage, presented with multiple scars on his face for the past 2 years and a few raised pruritic skin eruptions over different parts of his body for the same duration. His grandfather reportedly had similar kind of lesions. On examination, we found multiple well-defined, shallow, atrophic scars over(More)
The term 'angiokeratoma' includes a wide range of dermatological conditions of hyperkeratotic vascular disorders with a similar histologic combination of hyperkeratosis and superficial dermal vascular ectasia. Angiokeratomas can be classified into localized and systemic forms. Angiokeratoma of Fordyce (AKF) is a localized form of angiokeratoma, clinically(More)