Megawati Omar

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In this study Jaccard Distance was performed by measuring the asymmetric information on binary variable and the comparison between vectors component. It compared two objects and notified the degree of similarity of these objects. After thorough preprocessing tasks; like translation, rotation, invariance scale content and noise resistance done onto the hand(More)
Thermal condition is a decisive factor which impacts the use of outdoor spaces. Concerns on outdoor thermal conditions are on the rise judging by the growing number of research on the subject. However empirical research in the context of urban outdoor in moderate and dry climate is still limited. Predicting thermal comfort of outdoor spaces in a particular(More)
Mahalanobis, Jaccard and others are similarity measurements which are commonly used in sketch recognition. Attempts to improve similarity measurement can be made by manipulating formulae and reducing the testing data set used but less effort are attempted to propose algorithm. Hence, the purpose of this study is to propose a new algorithm for a better(More)
Animated pedagogical agent (APA) is a vital instructional tool in kindergartens. However, most kindergarteners are still conventionally taught basic second language words by flashcards especially by those in rural areas. Hence, this research explored the use of APA on teaching rural kindergarteners second language basic words. The software was built and(More)
This study examined the university selection factors in Malaysia. In particular it explored the relationship among the factors in the selection of Universiti Teknologi MARA by its students. The study was conducted by surveying a sample of the university's first intake of 2011. Six hundred questionnaires were distributed and 365 responds were received for(More)
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