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There should be protocol-driven, fast-track admission of patients with hip fractures through the emergency department. Patients with hip fractures require multidisciplinary care, led by orthogeriatricians. Surgery is the best analgesic for hip fractures. Surgical repair of hip fractures should occur within 48 hours of hospital admission. Surgery and(More)
We studied 105 patients who received a total hip arthroplasty between June 1985 and August 2001 using freehand positioning of the acetabular cup. Using pelvic CT scan and the hip-plan module of SurgiGATE-System (Medivision, Oberdorf, Switzerland), we measured the angles of inclination and anteversion of the cup. Mean inclination angle was 45.8 degrees(More)
AIM The purpose of the current study was to determine the accuracy of free hand and computer-assisted (CAS) cup placement. MATERIAL AND METHODS Between June 1985 and August 2001, 105 free-hand and from March to November 1999 80 total hip arthroplasties under computer assistance were implanted in the above mentioned centers. To determine the accuracy of(More)
Epidural scarring is one of the possible complications after lumbar disc surgery. Perineural scar tissue has been considered responsible for recurrent neurological symptoms in patients operated on for disc herniation and leads to a high rate of unsatisfactory results. In addition, postoperative scars may increase the technical difficulty and risk of(More)
PURPOSE EUS elastography has been used to facilitate the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, but as yet the interpretation of this procedure has been largely subjective. The present study has been designed to validate a quantitative approach for the analysis of EUS elastography, and to assess its relationship with pancreatic fibrosis. MATERIALS AND METHODS 86(More)
AIM The position of the acetabular implant has a great influence on the outcome of total hip arthroplasty. The acetabular implants differ in their characteristics during insertion. In order to control the influence of the implant in different axes, 80 implantations of acetabular component were performed under computer-assisted control by a surogate(More)
AIM The aim of this study was to find the correct angle of the needle position for the epidural perineural injection at the lumbar spine without any help by imaging. METHODS In 11 human cadaver lumbar spines besides dura, nerve roots and bones all soft tissue had been removed to allow us to look into the anterior lateral epidural spaces between L3 and S1(More)
AIM Preoperative autologous blood donation before joint replacement has become standard practice. However, this procedure is discussed controversially regarding medical benefit and cost-effectiveness. METHOD In a retrospective study the data of 994 patients scheduled for hip (THR) or knee arthroplasty (TKR) between 1/2000 and 9/2002 were analysed. (More)
It is difficult to find medical evidence of a correlation between a lumbar disk disease and trauma. One should consider whether the individual degeneration of lumbar disks or the trauma lead to the typical complaints. Disk disease in the population are very common. Therefore the relevance of the individual affection before trauma has to be considered.(More)
AIM AND METHOD The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is of great importance for the knee joint function. In the case of a complete ligament injury there is hardly any chance for complete recovery. The clear advantages of an operative reconstruction by replacing the ACL has been shown in many trails. The accurate placement of the graft's insertions has a(More)