Megan Webster

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The advances in technology alter the ways we interact with each other. For some, the use of technology can facilitate a relationship; for others, technology can complicate aspects of a relationship. The purpose of this research synthesis is to summarize current research exploring the ways in which technology impacts relationships negatively. Eight studies(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVES Many studies have reported a positive association between sleep problems and suicidal ideation. Some prospective studies in the elderly have shown that insomnia is a risk factor for suicide death after controlling for other depressive symptoms. However, hypotheses to explain how this risk is mediated have not previously been assessed. We(More)
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CONTEXT The design of safe clinical trials targeting suicidal ideation requires operational definitions of what degree of suicidal ideation is too excessive to allow safe participation. AIMS We examined the Scale for Suicide Ideation (SSI) to develop a psychometric cut-point that would identify patients having a suicidal emergency. SETTINGS AND DESIGN(More)
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