Megan Waxler

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The aim of this study was to compare the relative therapeutic efficacies of three different light sources for treating winter depression. A balanced incomplete block crossover design was employed, whereby all patients (n = 18) were randomly assigned to two out of the three treatment conditions: white, red and blue light. The degree of depression was(More)
Adult rhesus and pigtail monkeys were exposed to a uniform field of light from daylight fluorescent lamps to determine the initial site and characteristics of structural retinal damage induced by continuous exposure and the threshold intensity required to produce the effects. Electron microscopic examination revealed that the initial site of damage is the(More)
The effect of repeated exposures to low-intensity, near-ultraviolet (UV) radiation on the retinas of phakic, aphakic, and pseudophakic monkey eyes was studied. Ten eyes (4 aphakic eyes, 3 pseudophakic eyes, and 3 normal phakic eyes) of five rhesus monkeys were used. The near-UV radiation was generated by a high-pressure mercury vapor lamp with a total(More)
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