Megan Thorne

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OBJECTIVES To establish the dimensions and volumes of the cochlear fluid spaces. STUDY DESIGN Fluid space volumes, lengths, and cross-sectional areas were derived for the cochleas from six species: human, guinea pig, bat, rat, mouse, and gerbil. METHODS Three-dimensional reconstructions of the fluid spaces were made from magnetic resonance microscopy(More)
To determine the effect on blood glucose of removal of protein from wheat products, healthy volunteers took test meals of white bread made from either regular or gluten-free flour. After bread made from gluten-free flour, the blood-glucose rise was significantly greater. This corresponded with a significantly more rapid rate of digestion in vitro and(More)
SSM perspective Background BIOPROTA ( is an international collaboration forum which seeks to provide a transparent and traceable basis for the choices of parameter values, as well as for the wider interpretation of information used in assessments. Particular emphasis is placed on data required for the assessment of long-lived radionuclide(More)
Trust and violation go hand in hand in our everyday life. However, few studies have directly examined the effects of violation on trust and delineated the nonlinear patterns of trust changes after violation. In this research, I focused on trust dynamics in two phases after violation: trust dissolution and trust restoration. Specifically, I examined how the(More)
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