Megan R Ogle

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Elastin, an abundant structural protein present in the arterial wall, is prone to calcification in a number of disease processes including porcine bioprosthetic heart valve calcification and atherosclerosis. The mechanisms of elastin calcification are not completely elucidated. In the present work, we demonstrated calcification of purified elastin in rat(More)
Calcification of elastin occurs in many pathological cardiovascular diseases including atherosclerosis. We have previously shown that purified elastin when subdermally implanted in rats undergoes severe calcification and aluminum chloride (AlCl(3)) pretreatment of elastin inhibits calcification. In the present study we investigated whether matrix(More)
Grasslands are constructed for soil and wildlife conservation in agricultural landscapes across Europe and North America. Constructed grasslands may mitigate habitat loss for grassland-dependent animals and enhance ecosystem services that are important to agriculture. The responses of animal species richness and abundance to grassland habitat quality are(More)
Epoxy crosslinking agents have been investigated for use in the fabrication of bioprosthetic devices, such as heterograft heart valve prostheses. It has been generally assumed that epoxy crosslinking takes place via amino-epoxy reactions. The present study investigated the hypothesis that the reactions of methionine residues with epoxides also can occur in(More)
Last year's introduction of clozapine, an atypical antipsychotic, in the United States was the most significant advance in schizoprenia treatment since the advent of chlopromazine in the 1950s. However, clozapine has a disturbingly high incidence of agranulocytosis. The drug manufacturer designed a complex and expensive mandatory blood monitoring system(More)
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