Megan R Baranowski

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Infrared thermal imaging using lock-in and molecular factor computing methods for the detection of blood on a dark, acrylic fabric is shown. Contrast differences between the clean fabric and the fabric stained with blood diluted as low as 1:100 are reported. We have also demonstrated that this method can be used to discriminate between a bloodstain and four(More)
We combine a thermal light source with a conventional thermal infrared camera, alternating current (AC) detection methods, and chemical filtering of the infrared (IR) light to generate several imaging modalities in a simple manner. We demonstrate that digital lock-in amplifier techniques can increase the chemical contrast in an active thermal infrared image(More)
We present a simulation-driven process to design an infrared camera system that is tuned to specific analytes of interest based on "molecular factor computing". There are many factors involved in optimizing discrimination using optical filtering aids, including, but not limited to, the detector response, optical throughput of the system, optical properties(More)
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