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Couples Relationship Education (CRE) programs have been shown to improve many facets of relationship functioning; however, less is known about the specific effects of various components of CRE programs. The current study examined two versions of the Prevention and Relationship Education Program (PREP), one where a structured communication intervention was(More)
The current study explored the association among young adults' (N = 86) experiences of betrayal traumas (interpersonal trauma perpetrated by someone close) prior to age 18, psychological well-being, attachment styles, and romantic relationship function (i.e., dedication, relationship adjustment, and perceived partner respect). Based on betrayal trauma(More)
Friends with benefits (FWB) relationships are formed by an integration of friendship and sexual intimacy, typically without the explicit commitments characteristic of an exclusive romantic relationship. The majority of these relationships do not transition into committed romantic relationships, raising questions about what happens to the relationship after(More)
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