Megan L Nagel

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The cardiopulmonary effects of etomidate, a nonbarbiturate, short-acting, IV anesthetic, were compared and contrasted with those of thiamylal sodium in chronically instrumented conscious dogs. Etomidate, when administered IV at dosages of 1.5 and 3.0 mg/kg of body weight, produced anesthesia lasting from 8 +/- 5 and 21 +/- 9 minutes, respectively. Heart(More)
Premature closure of the distal ulnar physis leads to medial bowing of the radius, later to lateral deviation of the carpus, and ventral subluxation of the elbow. Diagnosis of this growth disturbance depends on accurate radiographical examination. There are different surgical treatments to allow the radius to grow without impediment. The prognosis depends(More)
High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) simulation software has long been recognized as an effective educational tool, yet we found that existing HPLC simulators are either too expensive, out-dated, or lack many important features we deemed necessary to make them widely useful for educational purposes. Here we describe a free, open-source HPLC(More)
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