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The practicality of existing techniques for processing encrypted data stored in untrusted cloud environments is a limiting factor in the adoption of cloud-based applications. Both public and private sector organizations are reluctant to push their data to the cloud due to strong requirements for security and privacy of their data. In particular,(More)
Cloud services are on-demand services provided to end-users over the Internet and hosted by cloud service providers. A cloud service consists of a set of interacting applications/processes running on one or more interconnected VMs. Organizations are increasingly embracing cloud services as a means of outsourcing their IT departments. However, cloud service(More)
C-SEC (Cyber-SCADA Evaluation Capability) is a new technology developed to secure our nation's critical infrastructures. C-SEC provides an evaluation software tool, laboratory testing and a framework that enables the proper and efficient evaluation of Cyber Security technologies for SCADA networks and its industrial components.
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