Megan J. Richardson

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The statement "x>y" may be read "x dominates y." Transitivity is not assumed ; a transitive weakly ordered system is a partially ordered system. By a solution of a weakly ordered system is meant a set V of elements of D such that (a) XÇLV and y £ V implies x<y is false and (b) #£D— F implies 3>># for some yÇ~ V. The concept of solution was introduced in J.(More)
Recent current velocity measurements across the lower continental rise of Nova Scotia show a deep equatorwardflow with speeds (maximum, 73 centimeters per second) among the highest recorded for the deep sea. Silicate measurements indicate that this flow usually consists of southern-source (Antarctic) bottom water. These measurements confirm the existence of(More)
Two novel materials have been developed to simulate the dielectric properties of human muscle and fat at 1000 MHz. These materials, which are based on ethanediol set with gelatine, are easily made and have good mechanical properties. The complex permittivity, epsilon *, of each material was measured with an open-ended coaxial sensor in conjunction with an(More)
Results for determination of sulfur dioxide in grapes were compared by 3 methods: the modified Monier-Williams method, acid distillation/ion exclusion chromatography with electrochemical detection (AD/IEC-EC), and alkali extraction/ion exclusion chromatography with electrochemical detection (AE/IEC-EC). An unusual positive response was observed during the(More)
An nc candidate state has been observed with a mass M = (2978 4 9) MeV and a natural line width I' < 20 MeV (90% C.L.) using the Crystal Ball NaI(TR) detector at SPEAR. Radiative transitions to this state are observed from $'(3684) and J/$(3095) in the inclusive photon spectra. The branching fraction to this state from the JI' is (0.43 +0.08 1 0.18)X. In(More)
This paper introduces two families of orthogonal polynomials on the interval (-1,1), with weight function [Formula: see text]. The first family satisfies the boundary condition [Formula: see text], and the second one satisfies the boundary conditions [Formula: see text]. These boundary conditions arise naturally from PDEs defined on a disk with Dirichlet(More)
Chestnut, J. Gaiser, G. Godfrey, C. Kiesling, M. Oreglia. Results from the Crystal Ball experiment at SPEAR are presented. A preliminary analysis of the 3 photon final state from the J/$(3095) and of the cascade decays of the $'(3684) yield new upper limits on the controversial states X(2820), x(3455) and the even C-parity state at 3.59 GeV. From inclusive(More)