Megan J McNeill

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A group of 685 obstetric patients were randomly allocated to have their epidural block performed using either a 16-gauge or an 18-gauge Tuohy needle. Bleeding was noted from needle or catheter trauma in 18% of patients and it proved impossible to insert the catheter in 3%. The majority of mothers experienced little discomfort during the procedure but 2%(More)
Metoclopramide was given i.m. or i.v. to patients who had been given an opioid premedication, and the effects on gastric emptying assessed. Forty patients were allocated randomly to one of four treatment groups: group 1, oral diazepam 10 mg; group 2, i.m. morphine 10 mg; group 3, i.m. morphine 10 mg and i.v. metoclopramide 10 mg; group 4, i.m. morphine 10(More)
The porphyrias are inherited disorders of haem metabolism, acute attacks of which may be precipitated by anaesthesia, surgery and pregnancy. The principal clinical feature of the disease is an acute neuropathy. A patient with acute intermittent porphyria was given bupivacaine as part of a regional anaesthetic for Caesarean section. The course of anaesthesia(More)
In Escherichia coli, Lon is an ATP-dependent protease which degrades misfolded proteins and certain rapidly-degraded regulatory proteins. Given that oxidatively damaged proteins are generally degraded rather than repaired, we anticipated that Lon deficient cells would exhibit decreased viability during aerobic, but not anaerobic, carbon starvation. We found(More)
In two experiments, right-handed men and women were tested for ear differences in report of dichotically presented digits, with their heads straight ahead, turned 90 degrees to the left, and turned 90 degrees to the right. In Experiment 1, head turn was controlled simply by asking the subjects to fixate an appropriately located point; a right-ear advantage(More)
We report two cases where patients with an acute head injury developed hypercapnia as a result of the inappropriate use of the Magill breathing circuit. The Magill circuit is inefficient when used for controlled ventilation because the patient is ventilated with his own expired gas and develops hypercapnia. The suitability of alternative breathing systems(More)
The interaction of the precursor to mitochondrial aspartate aminotransferase (pmAAT) with GroEL has been studied by electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) and fluorescence spectroscopy. In the native protein, the spin probe was immobilized when attached to Cys166 at the domain interface, but was fully mobile when introduced at Cys(-19) in the N-terminal(More)
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