Megan J. Lewis

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The pleasant subjective effects produced by alcohol undoubtedly reinforce drinking behaviour. Alcohol positively reinforces or rewards drinking by producing a mild euphoria. Alcohol also has anxiolytic effects that negatively reinforce drinking. The reinforcing effects of alcohol are mediated by several neurochemical systems, with dopamine and serotonin(More)
Although cancer clinical trials are important for discovering lifesaving therapies, participation remains low among racial/ethnic minorities, and little research explores the role of health literacy in racial/ethnic minority perceptions of cancer clinical trials (CCTs). Five focus groups (n = 50) with African American and Hispanic participants explored CCT(More)
This chapter examines positive and negative reinforcement mechanisms which play a significant role in alcohol abuse and alcoholism. Consideration is given to the role of euphoria and anxiolytic effects of alcohol as the basis of positive reinforcement, and physical dependence and aversive consequence of drinking as the basis of negative reinforcement. The(More)
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