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Securitization and Desecuritization
Securitization and Desecuritization: Female Soldiers and the Reconstruction of Women in Post-Conflict Sierra Leone
This article focuses on the construction of “soldier” and “victim” by post-conflict programs in Sierra Leone. Focusing on the absence of individual testimonies and interviews that informExpand
Beyond the Band of Brothers: The US Military and the Myth that Women Can't Fight
Introduction: myths, men and policy making 1. The combat exclusion is a story we tell ourselves ... about men 2. The disintegration of the combat exclusion in Iraq and Afghanistan 3. It just doesn'tExpand
Female Soldiers in Sierra Leone: Sex, Security, and Post-Conflict Development
1. Introduction: Conjugal Order and Insecurity Post-Conflict2. The History of Sex, Order, and Conflict in Sierra Leone3. Defining Soldiers4. Empowerment Boom or Bust? Assessing Women's Post-ArmedExpand
Empowerment boom or bust? Assessing women's post-conflict empowerment initiatives
Over the past decade, the term ‘empowerment’ has been generously employed and woefully ill-defined. In particular, women's empowerment has been embraced by such a vast number of development actorsExpand
Masculinity nostalgia: How war and occupation inspire a yearning for gender order
This article investigates how war and occupation disrupt and produce new gender norms. It explores civilian masculinities and the ways in which masculinities are impacted by conflict and insecurity.Expand
Securitizing Sex?
Visions of the post-conflict reintegration process in Sierra Leone as a moment of healing, reconstruction, opportunity and rehabilitation do not take into account the experience of women and girlsExpand
Measuring the impacts of truth and reconciliation commissions: Placing the global ‘success’ of TRCs in local perspective
Truth and reconciliation commissions (TRCs) have emerged as an international norm and are assumed to be an essential element of national reconciliation, democratization, and post-conflictExpand
No Amnesty from/for the International: The Production and Promotion of TRCs as an International Norm in Sierra Leone
MacKenzie, Megan and Mohamed Sesay. (2012) No Amnesty from/for the International: The Production and Promotion of TRCs as an International Norm in Sierra Leone. International Studies Perspectives,Expand