Megan E. Bradley

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We studied respiratory mechanics in young volunteers before and after 5-wk training programs limited to the ventilatory muscles. Four strength trainers (S) performed repeated static maximum inspiratory and expiratory maneuvers against obstructed airways. Four endurance trainers (E) performed voluntary normocarbic hyperpnea to exhaustion. Subjects spent(More)
The study presented here was performed in order to create a rule that identifies subjects at high risk for invasive candidiasis in the intensive care setting. Retrospective review and statistical modelling were carried out on 2,890 patients who stayed at least 4 days in nine hospitals in the USA and Brazil; the overall incidence of invasive candidiasis in(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate outpatient outcome measures of a multi-center, state-wide, universal newborn hearing screening project. DESIGN Eight hospitals participated in a 3-yr, funded project. Each hospital designed its own protocol using common criteria for judging whether an infant passed a hearing screening. Infants were tested in the hospital, and(More)
We measured the oxygen cost of breathing during sustained voluntary normocarbic hyperpnea in 12 subjects (4 endurance trainers, 4 strength trainers, and 4 controls) before and after a 5-wk training program limited to the ventilatory muscles (Leith, D. E., and M. E. Bradley. J. Appl. Physiol. 41: 508-516, 1976). "Steady-state" measurements of oxygen(More)
The mechanical properties of the lungs were measured in 10 men before and after a simulated air dive to 285 ft of seawater (87 m). The objective was to determine whether a dive likely to produce pulmonary bubble emboli would alter lung mechanics. Lung function was measured predive and at 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, and 23 h postdive. Measurements of lung function were(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the ages of hearing loss identification, hearing aid fitting, and enrollment in early intervention through a multi-center, state-wide universal newborn hearing screening project. DESIGN Universal newborn hearing screening was conducted at eight hospitals across New York State. All infants who did not bilaterally pass hearing(More)
This study examined how question types influenced the quantity and quality of undergraduate students’ online submissions. Discussion questions were structured based on one of six question types: direct link, course link, brainstorm, limited focal, open focal and application. Transcripts of eight online discussions involving 114 participants were analysed on(More)
Previous studies of lung volumes during immersion have utilized dilution techniques for residual volume. We have compared lung volumes obtained by the use of a dual inert gas dilution technique with those determined by the Boyle's law technique in a plethysmograph designed to allow measurements in air and submersed to the neck in water. Both techniques gave(More)
Closing volumes (CV), along with residual volume (RV), vital capacity (VC), along with residual volume (RV), vital capacity (VC), and expiratory reserve volume (ERV) were determined in 10 subjects in the dry and while immersed to the neck in water. Closing volumes during immersion increased 41.3% (P less than 0.001) over dry values while RV decreased 9.35%(More)
To investigate possible approaches to the prevention and treatment of neural damage induced by air embolism and other forms of acute cerebral ischemia, a model was used in which cerebral air embolism was produced by infusion of air (0.4 ml) into a vertebral artery of chloralose-anesthetized cats. Neurological function was assessed by measuring cortical(More)