Megan D Whitham

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Emerging evidence over the past decade has implicated helminth infections as important yet stealth causes of adverse pregnancy outcomes and impaired women's reproductive health. The two most important helminth infections affecting women living in poverty in Africa and elsewhere in the developing world are hookworm infection and schistosomiasis. In Africa(More)
In most monogamous bird species, circulating testosterone concentration in males is elevated around the social female's fertile period. Variation in elevated testosterone concentrations among males may have a considerable impact on fitness. For example, testosterone implants enhance behaviours important for social and extra-pair mate choice. However, little(More)
Immunological indices have been reassessed in 27 patients in remission from Hodgkin's disease for 5 years after treatment and the findings correlated with initial treatment and splenectomy status. Neutrophil counts were lower and lymphocyte and monocyte counts higher at 5 years' remission than at presentation; the increases in lymphocyte count were mainly a(More)
The effects of radiotherapy on immune status in patients with localized carcinoma of the cervix have been assessed serially up to 5 years remission by a wide range of methods. Neutrophil function and serum immunoglobulins were essentially normal throughout. Peripheral blood neutrophil and lymphocyte counts and the proportions of T and B-cells fell with(More)
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